Monday, July 25, 2011

Welcome to the 21st Century Job Search.

As technology has changed the face of the workplace, it is incumbent upon job seekers to stay in touch with the latest advancements. Yahoo Finance has this great article about 10 outdated pieces of career advice. These are worthwhile things to keep in mind while sending resumes and interviewing for your next opportunity.

Read the full article for details, but check out the top ten things to ignore:

1. You must use a land line for a phone interview.
2. Your resume can only be one page.
3. Every job has to go on your resume to present a complete account of your professional history.
4. Include "references available upon request" on the bottom of your resume.
5. Include an objective at the top of your resume.
6. Invest in good resume paper.
7. Overnight your resume to get the hiring manager's attention.
8. When your interviewer asks about your weaknesses, offer up a positive framed as a weakness.
9. Your resume and cover letter should be written in formal language.
10. A few days after you submit your resume, call to schedule an interview.