Monday, August 1, 2011

How to ask the hard questions in an interview

Careerbuilder writer Anthony Balderrama is one of my favorite contributors on all things job related. Today, he posted an article about the things that job seekers are a little hesitant to discuss in the interview process.

Job-search etiquette dictates waiting for the employer to bring up salary, benefits and vacation. Conventional wisdom says that if you bring it up, you appear more focused on the perks than on doing the job, which sends a bad sign to employers. So you interview over the phone and in person, and after days or weeks of conversation about the job, you don't know how much it pays or if you would be able to leave early on occasion to pick up your son from school. These issues can be deal breakers for many job seekers, but they're taboo topics during the interview process.

Balderrama suggest that this shouldn't be the case and that there is a time and a place for every discussion. Check out the full article for more information.