Monday, July 11, 2011

MSN Careers offers Advice

It is no secret, I really like the information published on MSN Careers and I often pass it on here. Today, the site has two great articles for job seekers.

Rachel Farrell shares 5 things that can derail your interview and how to avoid them. This can include dressing inappropriately, dominating the interview, timeliness, and being forgetful about important information.

And staffing firm Robert Half International shares common interview questions.
Every hiring manager has a different set of go-to interview questions. In a recent survey by our company, we asked more than 650 managers in the United States and Canada to name the single question they ask that provides the most insight about a job applicant. Responses ranged from classic queries ("Where do you see yourself in five years?") to less-traditional ones ("How would you describe yourself in five words?").

Stay tuned for more job seeking advice and other useful information and job posts from DISCOVER STAFFING.