Tuesday, April 21, 2009


While the following information is provided for our employees, we also believe it is good advice for job seekers. It is always best to dress professionally for an interview, but consider the following information when accepting a position.

At DISCOVER STAFFING, we expect our employees to act as representatives of our company to our clients. In doing so, we require a certain level of professionalism when it comes to office dress. Our dress code is based on a professional office environment and includes allowances for client companies’ own policies.

We encourage a "Business Appropriate" wardrobe that may include professional dress such as suits or dresses, depending on the work situation. Many of our clients also have a more "Business Casual" policy. Regardless of the dress code specifics, all employees are required to make sure their clothing is clean, neat and in good repair. Clothes with holes, tears or other damage should never be worn. Clothes that are excessively wrinkled should be pressed prior to the workday.

Below are some "Do’s and Don’ts"

  • Dress neatly and professionally with specific regards to the job description. If you are greeting clients or otherwise highly visible, a more professional dress code would be a better option. Likewise, suitable dress for a position in a warehouse environment would likely be jeans and a plain t-shirt or sweatshirt. Most of DISCOVER STAFFING’s clients uphold a dress code somewhere in the middle.
  • Wear appropriate footwear.
    Many clients prefer closed toed shoes with hose or appropriate socks. If open toed shoes are permitted, they must only be worn with clean and pedicured feet.
    Warehouse positions often allow the use of athletic shoes or work boots.
  • Use good judgment regarding day-to-day dress.
  • Ask if you don’t know.
    If you are in doubt about a particular article of clothing, be sure to ask your supervisor if it would be appropriate prior to wearing it in the workplace.
  • It is always best to err on the more professional side rather than risk being too casual.

    Wear any of the following:
  • Gym or Beach attire
  • "Skorts", Shorts, beach style Capri Pants
  • Stirrup pants or leggings
  • Overalls
  • Jeans, except where or when authorized, and always in good repair.
  • Hats of any type
  • T-Shirts, except where or when authorized, and never with inappropriate logos, pictures or phrases. It is best to choose plain t-shirts.
  • Tank tops, strapless tops, spaghetti straps, or halter-tops
  • Tops that show the midriff or inappropriately low cut tops
  • Backless or strapless dresses, miniskirts or short dresses.
  • Anything see-through
  • Combat or hiking boots
  • Flip Flop sandals

    Some items of clothing, such as Jeans on Friday are allowed at some client sites and notification of this policy will be provided prior to the assignment.

    Always report back to your DISCOVER STAFFING representative when in doubt or if you have any questions regarding the policies or the specific companies’ codes.