Monday, April 6, 2009

Advice from Yahoo about Temporary Work

Yahoo! Hotjobs has this great article on how to work temporary assignments. I thought it was a great opportunity to share it with our employees and those interested in working with DISCOVER STAFFING.

Making the Move From Temp to Perm
by Todd Anten

Your job search is lasting longer than you expected. You need to start earning an income. What can you do?

Try temporary work. Not only is temping a great way to earn some extra money, a temp job may also lead to a permanent job further down the road.

But turning a temporary job into a permanent one isn't easy -- you will have to work hard to prove that you would be a valuable addition to a company's permanent staff.

Here's how to begin:

There's No Such Thing as 'Just a Temp'

Some temporary workers treat their jobs as if the work is somehow different from permanent work.

Big mistake -- especially if you want to land a permanent job at that company.

If you want to join the company on a permanent basis, you need to act as if you already are a permanent employee. So always perform at the highest of your abilities. If you show what you are fully capable of, you will have a better chance of being invited to join the staff on a permanent basis.

Just remember: No one should be able to guess from the quality of your work that you're a temporary worker.

You Are What You Wear

Just as no one should be able to guess from the quality of your work that you're a temporary worker, your appearance shouldn't give you away either.

It's tempting for temp workers to think they can dress more casually -- they sometimes feel that less is expected of them. However, if you dress like a professional, people will be more likely to treat you like one.

Be sure to ask what the company's standard dress code is before you start your job. Always adhere to the dress code, even when you feel that others may not be paying attention to your attire.

Getting to Know You

If you really want to turn your temp job into a permanent position, it's crucial that you meet as many people as possible. To make your face known, be friendly and sociable. Don't be intimidated to speak to those who are permanent staff. After all, these may be your future permanent coworkers.

There's a bonus in forging relationships with permanent workers: If you start meeting people, not only will you feel more comfortable at work, you may also make a friend who has some clout to help bring you on permanently.

Don't Live by the Clock

If you want to be considered for a permanent job, you should be willing to do a bit of extra work to prove it.

One idea: Before you leave at the end of the day, ask your supervisor if they have everything they need. This will show you're willing to stay a bit longer to get the job done.

This display of dedication can often impress a supervisor -- these are just the kind of workers that successfully make the transition from temp to perm.