Friday, February 5, 2010

How to Recover from Job Rejection

Most of us can honestly say we have never seen this kind of economic recession and that makes the job market very difficult. During periods of unemployment, candidates submit resume after resume to every job they see, but frequently there isn't a response or those responses are negative. Yahoo! Hotjobs has this great article to with advice on dealing with job rejection.

Rebound from Job Rejections
by Gina Cappiello, 123 Movers

Job rejections can destroy the strongest of people and derail your job hunt in an instant. If you truly feel that something you're doing during interviews is preventing you from scoring the gig you desire, check out the following tips on how to improve in this tough market:

Focus on Your Skills

Nothing is more important to talk about during an interview than your variety of skills. Your typing speed, attention to detail, and positive attitude may seem bland to you, but can really prove to be the skills that put you above the rest. Flaunt your stuff and show off (without being too cocky) when you interview. Be proud of your accomplishments and show your interviewers why your skills are paramount for the role you're being interviewed for. Examples to back up your claims are always great to have on hand to drive your point home, too.

Consider Relocating

If being rejected by employers is something that has been happening constantly, it may be time to branch out. Look into different types of roles that are interesting to you in locations you would consider moving to. You may discover that your valuable skills can be utilized in a different role and town. Also, now may be the perfect opportunity to live your dream and move to New York City. At the very least, do some homework and find out the benefits and disadvantages of moving to a new city and the cost to move.

Take an Interviewing Course

If you are still not receiving job offers after constant interviews, consider working with a professional. Take a class about interviewing skills or attend a resume-writing workshop. It helps to have an outsider who doesn't know you review what you have to offer and give you valuable insight as to how to present yourself better. You may find that a few tweaks here and there are all you need to score that dream job soon.

Have you done everything above and are still unable to get the job you desire? Consider the following:

It Wasn't Meant to Be

It's always disappointing to not get the one you were determined to get, but it's OK. If it was meant to be, you would have gotten the job. The right job will happen for you in time. Finding the perfect job takes a ton of patience, hard work, and determination. Use this rejection as fuel for your next interview and let go of the negativity by remembering that the perfect job is still out there waiting for you.

It's Not You

Beating yourself over it by constantly replaying the interview in your head and nit-picking about everything you said won't help. Chances are that the interviewers liked you and felt you really were a perfect fit. Unfortunately in this economy, the competition is tougher, meaning that the other candidates were perfect for the role, too. Realizing that you're not the reason for being rejected is a liberating feeling and will keep you motivated on your job search. Keep being you and move on to the next interview.

Don't let your failed interviews drag you down and hold you back anymore. Stay in a positive state of mind and follow the tips above to shine during your future interviews.