Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Atlanta Area Career Blogs for 2010

To kick of the 2010 Employment season, I though it would be a great idea to provide the job seeking community with a blog roll of local Atlanta resources.

A local career coach, John S. Lang, has provided some great advice on Atlanta Career Coach. There hasn't been an update since September of '09, but there is a lot of great information in the archives.

The AJC has a blog dedicated to the job search. It features career advice from a panel of experts. You can check it out at Blog Break.

Career Rocketeer has a fresh approach to JobSeeking 2.0.

An Atlanta area blogger has created Ms. Pink Slip, a motivational site for the unemployed.

Atlanta Career Path is a great interactive site that provides articles on the current job market as well as additional resources to help individuals in their job search.

There are, certainly, any number of additional blog resources on the net, many are focused on the Atlanta area. The Internet is a great place to find motivational information to help kick start your job search for the new year.