Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Other Career Blog Resources

In my search to bring the most up to date and useful job seeking advice to the readers of the DISCOVER STAFFING Blog and Job Board, I have discovered for myself several great blogs on the subject. There are three in particular that I thought I would share. These are all current, up to date boards with frequent posts to keep you best informed.

Monster is probably the most well known job board available on the Internet. The Monster Blog has recently started a new series written by guest blogger, Jane Allerton. What makes this particularly insightful is that Allerton herself has been recently laid off as well. Readers can follow along with her own story and relate to it step by step as they to are searching for a new job.

Today's Workplace, a workplace fairness blog, provides insight on timely political issues that affect employees. Subjects such as "Green Collar Jobs", health care reform and the current state of America's auto industry are featured in several of the most recent postings. Individual politics aside, keeping ourselves informed these issues will make us more conscious of their effects on the economy.

Careers.org is a website that began back in 1995 and is continuing today to provide career advice of all types to job seekers. It is still a great resource of information today. Recent post include motivation quotes, links to resources for career education, and resume advice.

Continue to check out the DISCOVER STAFFING blog and job board for the most up to date information on jobs we have available as well as resources from all around the web to help you in your own job search.

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