Tuesday, May 5, 2009

The Recruiter as a Resource

The Recruiter's Guide Blog at Wordpress was recently brought to my attention. I thought that information provided was very well written and informative. Please do check out the current post for more information.

Here are some highlights from his blog post:

  • The job-seeker is NOT the recruiters customer, the organization is (they pay the bills).
  • A recruiter does not ‘get’ you a job. Their role is to work with the client, understand their need and find the best match to fit that spot.
  • Just like with any profession there are good recruiters and bad recruiters. Sometimes you have to go through a couple of bad apples to get to good ones.
  • If approached correctly, a recruiter can be a great resource of information on the job-market, your industry, and best practices on how to find employment.
  • To maximize your time in working with recruiters, find those that specialize in your job-function as they will be more likely to have opportunities that are of interest to you.
  • Make sure that you have a firm understanding with any third-party recruiters that your résumé is NOT to be sent to any opportunity without your consent.
  • Not tracking where you have applied and been submitted can easily lead to a double submission to an organization which can result in you being eliminated from consideration completely.
  • If a recruiter recognizes your number on caller id you might be calling just a little too much