Tuesday, March 10, 2009

The Importance of References

At DISCOVER STAFFING, we make a commitment to our clients that we have verified past employment for every one of our employees. In order to do this, we need the assistance of each applicant that comes to our office. When you make an appointment with us we will ask you to bring with you two previous work references including names, phone numbers, and addresses.

When selecting references chose individuals who can speak intelligently about your work habits and experiences. You can use past employers, supervisors, teachers, business leaders or people with whom you have volunteered. Make sure to get prior permission from these individuals before providing their contact information. Sometimes, a former employer will tell you they cannot provide a reference due to company policy. If this is the case, ask them if they will write a reference letter. If they do, please ask them to provide their contact phone number so we can verify the author of the letter while still respecting their company policies. Otherwise, it is best to select another contact.

Incomplete references will delay the placement process. We must verify two references before we are able to place our employees on assignment.

We know that situations happen and you may have experiences where you have left a company on "bad terms." If this is the case, be honest with your recruiter, but don't be negative. Explain what happened and take any responsibility that is warranted. Explain what you have learned from that experience.

We appreciate your cooperation with our application process.